Into Istanbul

Hagia Sophia By Night

We were like excited kids at Christmas again this morning, this trip has been a long time in coming. We checked in, went and munched on some bacon & cheese croissants and waited for our flight.

We landed in Istanbul late afternoon, got in a taxi and headed for Sultanahmet (in the old part of the city) to find our guesthouse for the next few days. The driver rang ahead and was given directions in to where we were staying, not far from Sultanahmet Square.

We more or less just dropped our bags and went off to explore our surroundings. Five minutes walk took us to the square which is stunning by night with coloured fountains in the middle and Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque standing imposingly facing each other both illuminated.


Sultanahmet Square

John bought some salep from a street vendor and we went and sat on a bench to take in life in the square. Salep is a hot, warming winter drink made with milk and crushed orchid roots which is then sweetened with honey and topped with cinnamon. It started to rain lightly as we wandered around taking a closer look at the Blue Mosque and some of the street surrounding the square, we really didn’t care though, it just feels so good to be on the move again.

I love Istanbul already, it’s familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time and I just can’t wait to get my teeth into it.







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Thanks ma, next entry coming soon :-)
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It was great wandering around in the spice market, having samplesof everything, did you see the kebab of sweets or turkish delight ?
I was a bit disappointed in the mosques though, all built very nice, but its basically an empty rooms

Looking forward to following your journey. Wish you could email some baklava and halva!

Two years back my friend take enjoy the Christmas in Istanbul with me we were too much excited that all the peoples were happy and give smile on every one..Its my best tour ever in Istanbul all the tourist also take enjoy with them give different kind of gift...