Back In England


Ok, as some of you will know I have been back from my trip for a while now and have been working on designing and creating this website over the last few months. It’s finally ready to be released, so welcome to one and all!  For my Facebook page click here - don’t forget to click on the link and ‘Like’ it as I need as much support as I can get at the moment!

Since returning from my trip I have managed to change my way of life considerably. The first thing we did (the day after we arrived back) was to put our house up for sale. It had been a huge drain financially for a long time and was far too big for just the two of us.  It took a while to sell, but finally it did and we are now shackle free and living life in a rented apartment beside a canal, which is awesome. We unloaded most of our material possessions on family/friends and charity shops and are now leading a far simpler and uncluttered life. 

For years I have been taking photographs and writing about travel, but since moving here it has given me the time and space I needed to review how I could make further changes to my life and alter things permanently. Recently I have successfully turned my photography and writing into a paid vocation, which is beyond what I originally (pre trip) perceived to be within my reach …… and for that I am truly grateful.

Travel and living life to the full remain my priorities and another extended trip is on the horizon, but not for quite a while. In the meantime I’ll be keeping this site up to date with articles, news, adding to the ‘England’ section of the blogs as I continue to see more of this beautiful country and September is going to be a busy travel month as I have trips to Belgium, Portugal and Greece lined up.

I hope you’ll all follow me on my continuing journey. Any comments you wish to leave along the way will be more than welcome, you just need to create a username and be logged in to add them.


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Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your site, big congrats - looking forward too taking a full tour :-D xx

Amazing site, Congrates to you both xx

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Thanks Jo and Stace - I'm really glad you like it :-) xx

Great site that is i really impressed with your travel tour because its my first experience that tourist complete his tour and after that make his site..What was the tour its successful or any problem during the tour?