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Hi and welcome to my website. I’m Paula Guy, currently living in Buckinghamshire, England and I have a passion for all things travel. Although I haven’t always been a world traveller my travels began at just a few months old thanks to my parents who, despite lack of funds, were keen to see and explore our home country of England.

I took various trips overseas during my late teens and early twenties, however it wasn’t until a trip to Kenya in 1998 that I was seriously bitten by the travel bug. I’ve never been able to put my finger on exactly what it was, the Kenyan people, the beautiful cacophony of new sights, sounds and smells or the sheer wonder at the vast plains of Africa with its magnificent wildlife, but following that visit I thought of little else except how to get the money together for my next trip.

Since then I’ve made travelling the world and actually living life my priority and take every opportunity I can to explore new experiences and countries and also to return to previously visited countries to discover other areas and regions.

I have a partner in crime now, my husband John who is an Oracle Developer and since we met he too has acquired a passion for travel and loves to seek out new destinations as much as I do.

I left my office job to take a 6 month long journey around the world, during that time I encountered so many different cultures, different ways of life and different ways of living. I saw tigers and bears in the jungles of India, rode and bathed an elephant in the countryside of Thailand, lived with a Thai family and spent time with them sitting under the stars by campfires playing guitar, went trekking through forests, waterfalls and mountains and white water rafted down swirling rivers. Saw the mysterious temples of Cambodia, swam in their rivers, rode on a moped for my first time and got lost in searing temperatures on a Vietnamese island. I spent a month sleeping in a campervan, climbed glaciers, went quad biking through woods and jet boating down canyons, got thrown off a horse whilst galloping downhill and deliberately threw myself out of a plane mid flight to go skydiving. I zip lined through forests, swam in the ocean with dolphins, turtles and flying fish and saw some of the most incredible wonders of the world, plus so much more. This is without delving into the foods I tried, the people I met and the daily experiences that jolted me and made me stop to re-evaluate my own life.

After this trip, I knew I was never going to be the same again, so I set about making a different life for myself as it was obvious I could never settle back into my old life or return to working in a typical office job. We freed ourselves from anything that took a lot of resources and kept us in one place by selling our house and I now make my living as a photographer and writer. For now Buckinghamshire is our base, where we live in a small rented apartment beside a canal.

I felt inspired to share my travels here and I’m delighted that you have taken time out of your day to look at my website. I hope you enjoy the photos and travel stories that you find here and look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to log in and leave a few comments.

For further contact or information please feel free to get in touch with me using the Contact Me form, which can be accessed via the menu bar above.

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