Phu Quoc

Last Day On The Island

Fishing Boat

We decided to take a simpler, shorter route on the moped today and we just mooched around on the bike, driving up the north west of the island to Ganh Dau, where we had a lazy lunch and some drinks and just took things easy.

We stopped en-route a number of times to talk to people who were coming the opposite way to us and in particular with one young couple who we got off the bikes to chat to for quite a while. It's really funny actually to see how different circumstances affect people differently and what provides a challenge for one person is a ride in the park for another. This ride we were doing today was really easy for us, but we saw on the faces of these two that they were really struggling and looking to us for advice and seeking confirmation that they were actually going the right way. The young girl in particular we could see was totally finished and wanting to turn around. We'd not long passed a café where there was a beach area outside, so we told them about it and we left them heading off in that direction with a slightly relieved look on their faces.

More Moto Fun

Dirt Road On Phu Quoc 

It was to be another moto day today and we decided to head towards the North of the Island.

The road that is currently there is being surfaced and built along the way, but neither one side nor the other is complete, so it comes to a dead end at points and you have to go off on a track to either get onto the other side of the road, or to do a detour and meet up again with the road further down. When we could we followed on behind a local to find the way round and other times we took guesses, some proved right, others ended in us having to U turn and find a different way round. There was one point when we came to a decision where there was no clear way round and the local kids raced out to point to us which way to go. Being up in the north of the island reminded me of Cambodia a bit, as everyone was shouting hello to us and children waved at us, in the south the people seem a lot more reserved initially.

Peeing In Paradise

Sao Beach

Yesterday we had to move on as there were no rooms available where we were staying, so we made our way further down the island as we needed to pick up a few things we'd run out of such as money, shampoo, that sort of thing. We found an ideal place to stay, far enough out of the main area to be peaceful and close enough to the main area to make use of various cafés, restaurants and moto hire places.

We picked up a moto this morning and we were expecting to have to give the man in the shop something, anything really, our name, drivers license, maybe passport, but there was nothing – “five dollar please” …. we hand over the money …... he gives us the keys …... “bye, have a good day” …. that was it!! I love the freedom that this part of the world extends. It was totally awesome being back on a bike, it's definitely the way forward.

Speedos To Dinner

Fruit Seller 

Today we were moving on to Phu Quoc, a Vietnamese island not far from the Cambodian border.

Much of breakfast we spent talking to Woz about yesterdays events and giving John the regular ribbing we give him about his keenness to order baked beans that started back the first time we met up in Phnom Penh. At 10am we were saying goodbye again and taking a tuk tuk to catch the minibus for the ongoing journey. Unfortunately more seats had been sold to people than there were actually seats in the minibus, which meant that everyone was packed in like sardines and having bum cheeks awkwardly resting on other peoples laps. I found this highly amusing, other people didn't though and there was lots of tutting and puffing going on throughout the journey, which amused me even more!! At the border there was more dissatisfaction from other people in the bus as some had paid out £44 before they left England for a visa and we were granted a free one as we were only visiting the island.

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