Ganh Dau

Last Day On The Island

Fishing Boat

We decided to take a simpler, shorter route on the moped today and we just mooched around on the bike, driving up the north west of the island to Ganh Dau, where we had a lazy lunch and some drinks and just took things easy.

We stopped en-route a number of times to talk to people who were coming the opposite way to us and in particular with one young couple who we got off the bikes to chat to for quite a while. It's really funny actually to see how different circumstances affect people differently and what provides a challenge for one person is a ride in the park for another. This ride we were doing today was really easy for us, but we saw on the faces of these two that they were really struggling and looking to us for advice and seeking confirmation that they were actually going the right way. The young girl in particular we could see was totally finished and wanting to turn around. We'd not long passed a café where there was a beach area outside, so we told them about it and we left them heading off in that direction with a slightly relieved look on their faces.

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