Duong Dong

Peeing In Paradise

Sao Beach

Yesterday we had to move on as there were no rooms available where we were staying, so we made our way further down the island as we needed to pick up a few things we'd run out of such as money, shampoo, that sort of thing. We found an ideal place to stay, far enough out of the main area to be peaceful and close enough to the main area to make use of various cafés, restaurants and moto hire places.

We picked up a moto this morning and we were expecting to have to give the man in the shop something, anything really, our name, drivers license, maybe passport, but there was nothing – “five dollar please” …. we hand over the money …... he gives us the keys …... “bye, have a good day” …. that was it!! I love the freedom that this part of the world extends. It was totally awesome being back on a bike, it's definitely the way forward.

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