Bai Thom

More Moto Fun

Dirt Road On Phu Quoc 

It was to be another moto day today and we decided to head towards the North of the Island.

The road that is currently there is being surfaced and built along the way, but neither one side nor the other is complete, so it comes to a dead end at points and you have to go off on a track to either get onto the other side of the road, or to do a detour and meet up again with the road further down. When we could we followed on behind a local to find the way round and other times we took guesses, some proved right, others ended in us having to U turn and find a different way round. There was one point when we came to a decision where there was no clear way round and the local kids raced out to point to us which way to go. Being up in the north of the island reminded me of Cambodia a bit, as everyone was shouting hello to us and children waved at us, in the south the people seem a lot more reserved initially.

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