Ap Ong Lang

Speedos To Dinner

Fruit Seller 

Today we were moving on to Phu Quoc, a Vietnamese island not far from the Cambodian border.

Much of breakfast we spent talking to Woz about yesterdays events and giving John the regular ribbing we give him about his keenness to order baked beans that started back the first time we met up in Phnom Penh. At 10am we were saying goodbye again and taking a tuk tuk to catch the minibus for the ongoing journey. Unfortunately more seats had been sold to people than there were actually seats in the minibus, which meant that everyone was packed in like sardines and having bum cheeks awkwardly resting on other peoples laps. I found this highly amusing, other people didn't though and there was lots of tutting and puffing going on throughout the journey, which amused me even more!! At the border there was more dissatisfaction from other people in the bus as some had paid out £44 before they left England for a visa and we were granted a free one as we were only visiting the island.

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