Ton Yang

The Village Yui Was Born In

Fresh fruit in the village

Ton Yang, the village we are staying in, is also the village where Yui was born. It seems that most people from the village stay local and therefore, Yui is more or less related to everyone there. His brothers and sisters still live there, him mum, his aunties and uncles and all their extended family, so whichever direction you walk in you might bump into part of the family.

We set off on foot again to learn more about village life. First we took a wander around the temple and Laetitia gave us more information about Buddhism and the way the monks live. We wandered through peoples gardens once again being given various fruits to try from the trees, until we reached the house that Yui was born in. Yui's family still live in this house, his mum upstairs and one of his sisters in the small space downstairs. Typically the ground floor section is used as outdoor space and shade from the sunshine, but they have made a small indoor living area at ground level, we met Yui's sister here and the family dog.

Trekking And Thai BBQ

Thai BBQ

Today we were going trekking. The day started with a breakfast of eggs, toast and fruit.

We trekked up into the mountains behind the homestay, through rubber plantations and bamboo forests. Yui and his uncle Pong led the way, stopping to show us various plants and herbs that are used in Thai cooking and also to pick various berries from the trees for us to try, some sweet and one very bitter, until you followed it with a mouthful of water, which then turned it sweet. We came across a passion fruit orchard where we stood for a good five minutes munching on fresh fruits from the trees ..... delicious.

Home Stay Thailand

Rong Khun

On the way out of Chiang Rai we visited Rong Khun, which is temple that is almost entirely white, no other colours are used, but it is also decorated with small pieces of mirrored glass, which sparkle in the sun light, it's quite stunning and unique of any temple I've seen. In spite of the hoards of people it felt peaceful here. We were more than disappointed when we arrived at the entrance to read a sign that said 'Due to the inappropriate behaviour of foreign visitors, they are no longer allowed inside this temple without a guide'. We stood staring at the sign and talking to each other about it when the official manning the entrance came and spoke to us “it's okay”, “you can go in”, so in we went.

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