Monks And Sukhothai Ruins

Ruins of Sukhothai

Driving through the mountains from Nan to Sukhothai we saw some monks trekking along the road, one was holding an empty bottle of water. We had some water in the car and I didn’t know how far they might be walking today, so I said to John that we should give them our water as we could get some more later. John agreed and found a place to turn the car round. We drove back up to where the monks were and held the bottle of water out to them through the window. They wanted to talk to us and asked us where we were from, if we were related or friends and where we were going to. They were heading for Phu Chee Fah, which was miles and miles away from here, if we'd have been going in that direction we'd have given them a lift, but as it was we were heading the opposite way. After talking to them, we turned the car around again and continued on our journey to Sukhothai.

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