Phang Nga

White Water Rafting And Waterfalls

I made it!

For years I've wanted to go white water rafting and whilst looking at information on the web for Phuket, I found that it was possible to do it from here. Even though it's supposed to be dry season here, after all the recent rain I thought it might be a possibility to do it, so I found somewhere selling various other tickets and trips and enquired about it. They had a leaflet of a company that did it, so I booked on to it and today was the day!!

It was a 7am pick up and I left John snoring away in bed and boarded the minibus. I turned out to be the only person today using this particular company, so I had the minibus to myself, which was ace. There was the driver, Dung, the tour leader, Annie and me. Annie said that really we were too early to go straight to the white water rafting and asked if I would like to join her and Dung for some breakfast. I hadn't eaten as it was too early before I left, so I jumped at the chance.

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