Nai Thon

Detours And More Muddy Tracks

Picking Our Way Through The Wood

We hadn't planned on reaching Phuket yesterday, it just ended up that way. Originally we were going to stop overnight around half way down, but we just seemed to drive on and on through the pouring rain. It's not supposed to be the wet season here in Thailand right now, but certainly down in the south, it hasn't really stopped since we got here, apart from the night we went to the rock festival.

It was quite a journey from Prachuap Khiri Khan, we set out in the morning and reached the northern tip of Phuket around 7pm at night. We found our way across to Nai Thon on the north west coast and checked into a room for the night. The journey down was quite eventful due to the rain sweeping parts of the road away, which led to a few detours for us. The first one took us through Namtok Ngao national park, which was stunningly beautiful, lush green forests, mountains and due to the heavy rain, gushing rivers, which were rusty brown from the soil and contrasted aesthetically with the green of the trees and mountains and the white of the mist and clouds that hung low in the air from the rain.

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