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Mae Hong Son

We were both quite pleased to leave Chiang Mai, we'd had a brilliant time in the surrounding areas, but too often when we went into Chiang Mai of a night time, it was something quite different. I saw more idiots that call themselves backpackers, than in the whole of Thailand so far. Everywhere we have been in Thailand, we have been welcomed warmly, but here in this city, the Thai people are not initially so friendly to you, until you have proved otherwise, you are just another backpacker that is not going to even attempt any Thai food, let alone attempt any words of Thai. We don't know that many words of Thai, as I'm absolutely useless at languages, but the few words we do know seems to open up the friendly, warm reception we have had in other places. I love England and am proud to be English, that will never change, but sometimes the behaviour of other westerners does not make it easy to be seen as anything other than a beer swilling lout, with no respect for other people or their cultures.

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