Ko Chang

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The mangroves

Our final days on the island were spent in a similar vein to the first part - swimming, reading and generally relaxing. We took a stroll around the mangroves yesterday, there is a fishing village called Salakkok, which we drove to the other day and today we went back there to walk around a mangrove walkway. It's only a short walk, but it was interesting to see and we spent a while watching the crabs and listening to the flicking shrimp – it's a type of shrimp that communicate by clicking their claws, so as you walk round you regularly hear them clicking away.

Island Life

Ko Chang

So far on Koh Chang we've succeeded in doing equal amounts of lazing around and driving around to see what is here.

I long ago decided that Koh Chang would be our resting spot at the end of the Thailand part of our trip, based on two factors – 1. there was a car ferry that I knew we could get over on and 2. I'd read much about it being unspoilt and untouched with long white sandy beaches and coves.

On Holiday From Our Holiday

Ko Chang Island

Yesterday we didn't really make a plan before moving on - we just drove and were heading further along the coast towards the Cambodian border and more specifically the island of Ko Chang. We thought we'd stay on the mainland one more night near the ferry area and then hop over to the island today.

When we got to the ferry area we decided to go and take a look at where we needed to go and when we got there a ferry was loading up almost ready to go over, so on the spot we decided to join the queue and head over to Ko Chang instead of staying on the mainland. Ten minutes later we were on board and setting sail.

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