Khao Yai National Park


Food stall

We were like excited kids when we got on the ferry yesterday morning and the sense of freedom when we hit the mainland was awesome – music on, windows down, wind in our hair – we were off again!!

We were listening to our Bon Jovi CD when we pulled up at a set of traffic lights – Always was playing – and totally unaware I'm looking at the map and singing at the top of my voice. Suddenly I hear lots of laughter and I look up to see what the joke was – it was me …. I was the joke. I was a great source of amusement to a number of locals in the back of a songthew, (a converted pick up truck, used as an economical form of transport), that had pulled up beside us. I started laughing too and waved at them, they waved back at me, still laughing and it makes me smile again now writing about it.

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