Chalong Bay

Paula vs Bike

Ice Cream Man

The last few days have been torrential rain and some parts of southern Thailand suffered greatly due to this unexpected weather. Here on Phuket, whilst it rained extremely heavily, fortunately it didn't present many problems, apart from trying to find something to do in rain so hard that you were soaked to the skin after a few seconds outside in it.

We drove around the island in the car stopping off at various places, we drove along the north east coast, around some of the Khao Prao Thaeo national park and around some of the less desirable big holiday resorts, the very worst of which was Patong. It depends what you want from a holiday I guess and if you want a mini England where everyone speaks English, every other unit is a fast food joint and you want to watch old sweaty western men grabbing with glee at young beautiful Thai women, or more young girls I would say, then this is the place for you. For me and John though, we both disliked it intensely and I'll never ever get used to seeing the total disregard these ogres have for these young girls as they sit disinterested swilling back their beer, with this young tender life at their mercy and jumping to their every want. It sickens me.

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