Thailand Conclusion


Today signified the end of our time in Thailand. We took another road up through the National Park and later found our way over to Saraburi. After a quick nose round there we decided to hop over to Ayutthaya to get something to eat before completing our circuit and returning to Bangkok.

All I can say about Thailand is read the guidebooks and then go and do the exact opposite of what it tells you – do drive on the roads, eat from the street vendors, eat the salads and the delicious fruit shakes and smoothies with ice in them, that we are so regularly warned against at home. I'm not quite sure what the guidebooks gain from trying to make people wary of every last thing they do, but the one and only time John got an upset stomach (and he has a sensitive stomach) was the one day when we were so tired and there was a bigger, more international restaurant close by, so we ate there instead of our usual street food.

Goodbye India - Hello Thailand

Thai Market

Leaving India proved quite a task. We did of course expect disorganisation, but were not entirely prepared for the chaos that is Air India. When we saw the queue of about 12 people, we thought we'd get checked in fairly quickly – 2 hours later though, when we should have been boarding our plane, we were only just being dealt with. A frantic 10 minutes of trying to race through airport security to our gate followed, where fortunately we were told that the plane was delayed by half an hour due to the fog. The delay extended to two and a half hours in the end, which gave us enough time to witness an airport protest in the gate next to us. There was lots of chanting and fists punching the air as they seemed to feed off of each others energy to a fever pitch. I got talking to an Indian man, who informed me it was because their flight had been delayed for 14 hours, and they'd all just been left to get on with it, with no further information as to when they might fly.

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