The Sacred Valley And Pisac

The Mayor (on the left) of Pisac district

It was a later start today, we met Lucrezia and set off just before 9am for another exciting day. With fresh eyes we could see that Cusco was definitely a place we wanted to take a closer look at, there were lots of Incan built stone walls lining the central streets, a beautiful 17th century cathedral and lots of other buildings with great architectural interest - for now though we were on our way to the lakes of Huacarpay for some bird watching before making our way to the Incan ruins of Pisac.

The scenery at and around Huacarpay lakes was spectacular. We walked along a small track towards a marshy area where birds such as Hooded Siskin, Yellow-winged Blackbirds, Speckled Teal and Yellow-billed Pintail

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