Chorrillos Harbour

Chorrillos Harbour

We had a bit of a lay in yesterday morning, we were leaving for the airport at 9am. The flight was on time and by lunchtime we were back in Lima. Lunch was our first priority and we went to a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Chorrillos harbour was our destination after eating, here there was a fish market, fruit stalls, men playing guitars, and lots of Peruvian families out for the afternoon. It was a bustling and vibrant place to be. This was an excellent people/life watching place, I could've stayed there a lot longer, but most of the group were returning to the UK yesterday and needed to get to the airport, we were staying overnight and making our way to the airport today. There was time to look over the sea wall to take one final look at the birdlife, the most interesting of which for me were the Peruvian Pelicans, there were loads of them!!

The Journey Begins

Life on the streets of Lima

It was a very long day today, John and I were travelling with my parents and we stayed at their house the last night. The taxi picked us up at 3:45am to much excitement about what the next few weeks will bring. Arriving at Heathrow we joined the queue for Iberia Airlines, where we waited for hours and started to get fairly worried at one point that we would miss the flight to Madrid for our connecting flight on to Lima. The checking in desks were at a standstill as the computerised system kept breaking down.

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