Star Struck, Ollyantaytambo And Carnival In Cusco

A Humming Bird

A bird watching walk around the grounds of the hotel was first on the agenda today, we saw the Cock Of The Rock, which is the Andean national bird, a golden headed Quetzal and loads of different Humming birds along with other colourful birds. There were Humming bird feeders dotted around and I decided to sit in front of one and just see how many different species would come along.

After about 20 minutes I wandered along to find John, who informed me that we had 15 minutes till check out time and that people were saying that Cameron Diaz was in the sauna which was beside the swimming pool - there was also an area there where banana skins and such like had been put out for birds to feed on. A number of our group were sat around there, as were many other people, waiting to see if the door of the sauna would open - it did once or twice and members of the crew we had seen up at Machu Picchu yesterday were in there but no sign of Cameron Diaz, we decided to leave and go and get our bags from our room to check out.

Jungle To Cusco

Peruvian Railway

John slept most of the boat ride back and I drifted in and out of sleep most of the way as well. Lunch was served on the boat again - another Peruvian delight of chicken and rice steamed in a plantain leaf.

Arriving at Puerto Maldonado we made the short trip to the airport and boarded a plane for Cusco. The temperature in Cusco was several degrees lower than what we had been experiencing and the air was very thin, it affected some more than others, we had guessed it would affect my dad and we were right, it was a relatively short time before he felt short of breath. We made our way to the hotel, where we were greeted with a cup of coca tea, which increases the absorption of oxygen in the blood and helps to combat altitude sickness. Cusco looked like a very interesting place, but John and I were both unbelievebly tired and as it was mid afternoon we decided we would go and get a couple of hours sleep and investigate tonight, I think we were in our room for about 5 minutes before we were both sound asleep.

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