Amazon Rainforest Conservation Centre

The Bushmaster Snake

The banks of the Las Piedras river

We had a slight lay in this morning, we were due for a knock on the door at 4am, but it didn't come until 4.30am, that extra half hour makes all the difference believe me!!

We were going back out on the catamaran canoe this morning, but it was so misty that Joselyn thought we would benefit more from the half hour extra in bed instead. The lake looked mystical shrouded in mist and whilst there was nothing really to be seen in the way of wildlife it was still great to be out on the lake, the air was fresh and cool and a far cry from the hot humid weather we had experienced so far. The sun came up, but it was masked by the mist for quite some time.

The Chair


Another 4am start today and this morning we were making a vertical journey to the rainforest canopy platform, which is a wooden platform constructed 120ft up in the boughs of a giant ironwood tree. It is accessed basically by sitting in a metal framed canvas chair, which is then hoisted on winches by some very strong men. As you sit in the chair and begin your upwards journey you suddenly become aware of the space around you and the fact that you can see the tops of bushes, then the tops of small trees, then the tops of bigger trees.

The Giant Otters


The boat we used on the ox-bow lake Soledad

I drifted off to sleep and was woken up about 7am by Pepe banging on our door telling us that the giant otters were on the lake which was just outside our room. I was starting to feel better again and we quickly got dressed and raced outside to be rewarded with a magnificent view of three giant otters, playing and swimming in the lake.

Amazon Rainforest Conservation Centre (ARCC)

Turtles in the Amazon jungle

The sights from the boat this morning were incredible, the was mist was curling across the river and you could see the shapes of the trees on the banks through the it. Silence surrounded us and it felt quite eerie, like I was in an adventure movie where we were looking for some long lost artefact. As the sun rose and the mist burnt off, the jungle started to come alive, lots of colourful birds started to fly around and before long the caiman were coming out onto the banks to take up their sunbathing positions

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