Lake Wanaka And Surrounds

Lake Wanaka 

The time we spent in Wanaka was most enjoyable, we just took things easy and drifted around. It rained a lot during our time here, so I took some time to catch up with my writing and one afternoon John hired a mountain bike and went riding round part of the lake, returning later with goodies for us to have for dinner.

We took a drive out one day past the treble cone ski area, which once again was impressive. We've come to New Zealand at a fantastic time of year, it's autumn here, so there are far less crowds than there would be during the summer and the seasonal colours of the trees are just spectacular. There are just as many bright days as cloudy days and the cloudy days provide a different angle to your surroundings with dramatic clouds hanging over the mountains, that sometimes make them appear like active volcano's.

Quad Biking!

John On His Quad Bike

Packed Zilly up this morning ready to move on again, but before leaving Franz Josef we had another adventure lined up …. quad biking!

It was pouring with rain when we got up, but that doesn't really matter with this kind of activity as you are going to get wet and muddy anyway and if you're not, you're not doing it right – well, this is what I told John as he was looking forlornly up at the sky anyway!

We had booked for John to be the driver and me to go as his passenger, mainly because I thought I might be a bit slow and didn't want to hold the rest of the group up. We pulled up outside the shop and went in to find that we were the only two people booked to go on the ride this morning. Apparently rain puts a lot of people off, so whilst if you ask for a private trip you pay double the amount, we got a private trip for the two of us at standard rate, as we hadn't specifically asked for it!!!

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