Saying Goodbye To Zilly


The next two nights we based ourselves in Fairlie and drove out to Mount Cook Village and Lake Tekapo. Mount Cook Village, being near the base of Mount Cook provided more snow capped mountain scenery and we spent the whole day round the area, stopping to have a picnic lunch and have cuppa's. It goes without saying that the scenery was once again stunning. We'd decided to have a few quiet days and this was perfect, just mooching around and taking the landscape in. The next day at Lake Tekapo was much the same, just wandering round, taking a few photos, having a picnic lunch out in the beautiful sunshine, all very peaceful and relaxing.

For our last night in Zilly we decided to return to Akaoroa where our adventures with her began. I reflected on the time we've spent on the South Island and it's been amazing, simply amazing.

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