Te Anau

Coming To Earth With A Bump

 John On Thomas

This morning the weather was still fine so we decided to book ourselves onto a horse riding trek this afternoon. We were picked up from the campsite and headed off in a van to the farm where we would have a brief introduction on the few instructions for our horses that we would need today – go, stop, left and right. It turned out that me and John were the only two booked on, so the staff out numbered us. Rose was our guide and she had three girls that were travelling and had decided to help out at the stables till the end of the season in a few weeks time, who also came with us. Rose got us mounted on our horses, me on Albie, John on Thomas, then took us through our commands. We'd both been given really placid horses as we'd only ridden once before, in fact we'd actually said that we hadn't ridden at all before, as an hours trek along a beach a few years back in Morocco, whilst a truly great and memorable experience, we didn't feel qualified us to say we'd ridden before.

Possibly The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

A Boat In Milford Sound

In one of my first blogs about New Zealand I remember writing that I would very quickly run out of descriptive words to use about the scenery here and I have. Every day I can't imagine that anything would be more beautiful than anything I saw the day before ….. and every day it is.

Today I went to what I think could just be the most beautiful place on earth. I could say it was stunning, I could say it was breath taking, impressive, magnificent, spectacular, I don't know, take your pick …....... not one single one of them would cover what I've seen today. Milford Sound is without doubt the most awe-inspiring place I've ever been. I felt insignificant and dwarfed in it's presence, as the mountains and waterfalls towered imposingly above me, it's staggering and completely mind blowing.

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