Pancakes And Blowholes

Pancake Rocks 

We were slow in getting going yesterday morning as we discovered that places we thought were ideal for certain equipment etc. were not necessarily the best places, so it took a bit of time to re-sort Zilly and pack everything away. We retraced our steps to Christchurch where we planned to cut across country to get over onto the west coast, the route taking us across Arthurs Pass and through one of the many national parks. The scenery was spectacular and I knew right away that after not too many days of being here I will end up running out of descriptive words to use in my blogs and I will end up repeating myself. Apologies in advance, but I feel quite sure many of the same words will surface in my writing during our time here!

Due to the late start we'd had and the various stops to boil up cups of coffee and generally wander around, we didn't make it to the west coast and pulled in at a campervan site we stumbled across at Moana, near Lake Brunner. The site was just a small patch of grass, fairly run down, but it was cheap and had everything we wanted for that night, electricity hook-ups and a toilet.

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