Deserts And Volcanoes

Volcanic Rock

We left Rotorua in pouring rain that continued all day long without letting up at all. We joined back up with the Pacific Coast Highway and cut inland through the Waioeka conservation area to Gisborne. It was billed to be a 'scenic' drive, but due to the rain and low clouds we mostly didn't see anything more than 4 or 5 metres in front of us. Gisborne itself was another fairly large town and from what we saw of it, it didn't look particularly inviting or attractive, being given security tags to get in and out of the site facilities and notices having been put up all over the place about not stealing other people property kinda added to the first impressions we had of the town. The rain continued throughout the night, it was so loud on the campervan roof that it kept us awake and John had visions of us being washed out to sea!!

The reason for coming to Gisborne had been to drive out round the East Cape loop, which lays claim to being one of the most scenic drives on North Island, but with the rain and low cloud which accompanied the following day we decided that it would be pointless as we would once again spend the day not being able to see anything. Given the weather conditions when we were ready to go, we changed the plan and drove inland again and up to Taupo.

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