Milford Sound

Possibly The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

A Boat In Milford Sound

In one of my first blogs about New Zealand I remember writing that I would very quickly run out of descriptive words to use about the scenery here and I have. Every day I can't imagine that anything would be more beautiful than anything I saw the day before ….. and every day it is.

Today I went to what I think could just be the most beautiful place on earth. I could say it was stunning, I could say it was breath taking, impressive, magnificent, spectacular, I don't know, take your pick …....... not one single one of them would cover what I've seen today. Milford Sound is without doubt the most awe-inspiring place I've ever been. I felt insignificant and dwarfed in it's presence, as the mountains and waterfalls towered imposingly above me, it's staggering and completely mind blowing.

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