Jet Boating And Paradise

Snowy Scenery

When we arrived in Queenstown late yesterday afternoon we looked at several leaflets about jet boating. There ended up being no competition as most of the companies offered half an hour on the river for the same price as the trip we ended up booking which was a 3 hour trip, still half an hour on the river, but included a drive through 'Lord Of The Rings' scenery along an old gold miners track carved into the rock of the mountainside.

I woke up early hours of the morning today absolutely freezing cold, so I reached over and put the small fan heater on and went back to sleep. When the alarm went off I realised why I'd got so cold in the night, it was snowing!! We're staying slightly out of Queenstown in amongst the mountains, so it was a bit nippy to say the least. Yesterday afternoon it seemed like a good idea to book onto the 8:30am trip and once we got going, it was.

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