A Golden Nugget

Nugget Point

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I could actually sit up properly in the bed without the excruciating pain that had accompanied this action over the last few days. It was a great feeling and a sign to me that I was getting better. I've got some cuts and bruises that'll be around for a while, but my back, neck, legs and ankle are actually starting to feel a little bit like they belong to me again!!

We rounded the bottom of the south island and started heading up the east coast. We drove along the road out to Nugget Point, which was spectacular coastal scenery, in the hope of seeing more seals or sea lions. At Nugget Point we went for a stroll out to the lighthouse, which wasn't at sea level this time. Along the way we were looking down the cliffs to the sea and saw several seals and sea lions, but all a bit far away to see them properly. After this we headed along to Roaring Bay, where I'd read there was a hide where you could look out over the beach with the possibility of seeing penguins.

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