Curio Bay

Moving On To The South Coast

Waipapa Point

When I woke the next day I could barely move, I was in serious pain from head to toe. We'd had all sorts of ideas about trying to get out to Doubtful Sound today, but it was fairly quickly obvious that I wouldn't be able to do too much at all. I knew it would be best to try and get myself mobile, so I suggested that we walk into town, which wasn't far away, to get breakfast out. We walked very slowly and gingerly to a place that sold a 'bowl of latte' – that took my attention, I felt like I needed a serious caffeine injection!!! After breakfast we headed back to Zilly for a while and then went out for a couple of strolls during the day to take some photo's and to try and keep myself moving.

By the following day I was still in a great deal of pain and having no idea how long I'd remain in this condition I suggested that we move on and skip Doubtful Sound, so we did. It was a serious wrench to leave it behind, knowing that I really wanted to go and take a look at it, but with limited time left on the south island it seemed the right decision.

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