Introducing Zilly!

Me & Zilly

When we started our descent into Christchurch this morning we approached New Zealand from the southern end of the South island and as I watched the mountains glide by below I felt incredibly excited. There is a certain level of excitement for me when landing in a new country anyway, wanting to walk out through those airport doors to see what awaits me and before we even landed I could picture myself bouncing along one of these mountain roads in the campervan.

I couldn't wait to grab our bags and head over to the campervan rental place. We had hired through a company that paint various different designs on the sides of the campers, you don't get to choose which one you are given, it's a lucky dip, so I was keen to see what we'd been allocated. The man at the rental place was a jolly fellow, even if his “the wife” jokes wore thin, he found them extremely amusing ….. “are you alright with King Kong” he spits out in raucous laughter, I thought it was the start of another of his jokes “yeah, sure I am” I say - “good, I'll bring her round” he says. It wasn't the start of another joke, it was the start of the introduction to our camper. From round the back appears a campervan, King Kong painted down one side, God Zilla painted down the other …. it was actually perfect and I was like an excited kid as he took us through the do's, don'ts and inside of the van, with a few more “you can get the wife to do that” jokes thrown in for good measure!!

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