Another Piece In The Puzzle

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

We spent a couple of days in the Cameron Highlands. The days found us trying the delicacies at the local tea plantations, strawberry farms (of which the fresh fruits are delicious) and going on a drive taking in more of the scenery. We are in Malaysia at a time when it rains every afternoon, we get a downpour of rain and one day I just stood outside in it and got drenched through to the skin – it was fantastic. Each day in the mountains we had a glorious thunderstorm and watching the lightening arching across the sky, followed by the dramatic booms of thunder were another reminder of the beauty of nature.

Malaysian Roadtrip

On Way To The Cameron Highlands 

I'm not sure why, but I don't really feel like I've connected with Malaysia yet and we have spent a number of days just driving around in the car somewhat aimlessly. It's been a strange time, I usually make all the decisions about where we go and what we do, as John is not normally bothered and is happy to do whatever I suggest. With me not being in a decisive mood it left us with no clear direction. The parts we have been to so far have been a lot more westernised and built up than I imagined it would be and it resulted in me looking for a flight to go somewhere else.

On To Malaysia


We arrived in Malaysia by dark and had fun and games trying to locate the correct bus to take us where we wanted to go. We eventually found a driver who said he would take us where we needed to go – so we hopped on. It turned out not to be the right bus at all though, which we discovered when he pulled up at the side of a dual carriageway and turfed us off with the words “over that way”!! We ended up walking along the road and then crossing several lanes of traffic to eventually get to our destination.

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