Lake Placid

Been Around The World And I, I ....... I


Algonquin Provincial Park

The next day we went into Algonquin Provincial Park and it was great to be out in the countryside again. We spent the day in the park taking various walking trails and looking for bears, we didn't see any bears, but it was a lovely sunny day and we saw some awesome dams created by beavers.

After taking a look at the map book that night we ruled out going any further into Canada as we have to back in Boston in a few days for our flight to Heathrow. The next day we crossed back in to America, which took a long time as they decided to search our car and make us fill various forms out while they questioned us over how many stamps we had in our passport and in particular were concerned that we had three visas into Cambodia over such a short space of time. Once we'd satisfied the customs officials, we were on our way again and we headed down into Adirondack Park.

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