India Conclusion

Streets of Delhi

The last few days have been spent at and around the guesthouse in Delhi. We've taken the time to relax and recover – the overnight train from Delhi, followed by 9 days on safari with early mornings, lack of sleep and being jostled around in a jeep for 7 hours a day, plus a couple of long travelling days in between had taken it's toll.

The first night we arrived back here we got straight into bed at midnight and didn't know anything more till around 9:30 the next morning, we haven't had that kind of concentrated sleep in weeks. We've spent the days reading, updating the blog and sorting out our budget, which has been hit due to the extra unexpected flight we took. We've been going to bed early and sleeping in in the mornings and finally whatever flu/cold bug that had hold of us is now mostly gone.

Last Day In Delhi

Fruit vendor in Delhi

Today we've had much more of a relaxing day, John was coughing much of the night so we really only got minimal sleep.

Breakfast was great today, we sat at the communal table chatting to another couple from England about their travels around India in the past and this time and they were asking all about our trip. We were joined by the Americans we met the other night and it turns out that the woman was originally from Thailand, so she was telling us all about places to go there and foods to eat, it was just wonderful. I am absolutely in my element here, everyone we meet has travelled and I can talk about travel and different countries and places to my hearts content, it's awesome.

Akshardham Temple, Humayuns Tomb And Qutub Minar

Streets of Delhi

I was running on 3 hours or less sleep today, so still very tired. My body clock decided that 2.30am Indian time was a great time to bing wide awake and that was pretty much it for the rest of the night.

Breakfast time came and we spent it talking to Angela an Aussie, before going downstairs to meet Mohan – or so we thought! When we got down there the 'boss' of the taxi company was there and basically told us we couldn't have Mohan and had to have another driver for the day, Naresh – and so it was that we spent the day with Naresh instead. When we got into the car we made it clear after several experiences that we'd heard about, that we didn't want to be taken to any shops or handicraft markets today and only wanted to go to the places we had listed, which he agreed to.

Markets, Forts And Temples

Jama Masjid

We've found our feet again today, yesterday we were so tired that when the lady at the guesthouse asked me to fill in a simple form, I found it a struggle to even remember my own name. It's amazing what a good nights sleep does for you and we woke revitalised and ready for what the day might bring.

A simple breakfast of bread, fruits and freshly cooked omelettes are included at our guesthouse, so we went and took a bite to eat before making our way downstairs to meet our driver for the day – Mohan. We got off to a great start with Mohan and had conversations throughout the day with him about the differences of our two countries. We had written a list of places we wanted to visit and asked him about the practicalities of getting round them today, he said that it was perfectly possible, so we set off in the direction of the first area we were going to take a look around.

Any Which Way Is Fine

Traffic in Delhi

After a couple of days wondering if our flight would actually take off, we finally took to the skies. The flight was as most flights are for me – not enjoyable, but pretty uneventful. Neither of us got any sleep, so by the time we landed in Delhi we were both feeling it a bit. We exited the airport terminal to a hoard of signs and shouts competing for our attention. I’d arranged for the guesthouse we are staying at to pick us up from the airport, so I was more than pleased to see a piece of paper, in amongst the sea of signs being waved about, with my name on it.

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