Bandhavgarh National Park

The Massage

Tiger Cub

We got Mahindre back today and the reserve was quiet this morning. We did see some spotted deer and langur monkeys. You often find the deer and monkeys in the same spots as they have quite a good friendship going – because of the way the monkeys crash around in the trees, it leads to nice juicy green leaves dropping to the ground for the deer to eat and the monkeys also have a good vantage point from which to see any predators coming, so the deer like hanging around with them.

Jumping down from the jeep at the tea stop this morning we bumped into Graham and Theresa who we'd met at our guest house in Delhi, so we chatted with them and caught up on what each other had been doing since we'd last seen them, it was nice to see them again. It was during this tea stop that a large bird decided to fly over and poop on me, which of course provided good entertainment for those around me!!

New Years Eve

John and Harish

It was no surprise to find this morning that we had another swap of driver and got sent off to zone 2. Truth be told, it is indeed fairly barren of wildlife, however, it was somewhere new that we hadn't seen before and the landscape was slightly different, a lot more open spaces. We did spot some tiger tracks around, so there were tigers over here, but Harish told us that nothing else much lived over this side in the way of mammals and the tigers were only here because once a male is around two to three years old, he has to go off and make his own territory and they then have to walk several kilometres to go hunting for food. The tigers remained elusive this morning, but we still had a good time anyway. We thought we might be able to have another elephant ride to see a tiger again, but after queuing for a while we were turned away. For obvious reasons, there are very strict rules here for the elephant rides and long before our time came the park rangers were saying that the tigers had gone and people were being turned away. Harish said that often the tiger will still be there, but the park director will decide after a certain amount of visits to it that the tiger should be left in peace, and I was glad to hear that the interests of the tigers comes first before the tourist buck – that's exactly how it should be.

Wife Swappers

Lemurs in Bandhavgarh National Park

It seems there has been some descent within the group. Someone has decided that they are missing out on something, so even though we were told we'd have the same driver/naturalist all week, apparently people have complained, which led to us getting a different driver this morning …. and we would later get to appreciate just how good our driver for the last few days, Mahindre, had been.

There is a standing joke in our jeep about snakes following Alex shouting out snake yesterday, everyone in the jeep turning around to look, only to see a man standing having a wee, which caused much laughter. So at 6am this morning as we're heading down the road, on my side of the vehicle was a man standing at the side of the roadside having a wee, both Alex and myself were quick to claim the first snake sighting of the day – which again led to another bought of laughter.

Into Tala

Langur in Bandhavgarh National Park

Today I felt like Sanka from the film Cool Runnings, it's very cold here early mornings and just about every piece of clothing I have in my backpack went on. A quick cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits in the dining area, then it was off for another game drive. There are 3 circuits allowed to be driven in the park, one of which none of the drivers like getting as they say there is never any wildlife to be seen on it. The drivers have no choice though as at the entry gate they are allotted two of the three loops and they have to abide by whichever they get. It was our turn to get the unwanted route and essentially this means that the driver hacks along the track at a fast rate of knots trying to get it over with, so that you can then get onto the second loop and start trying to spot things.

No Teasing Tigers!!

Tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park

John was a greener shade of white on the journey to the lodge and I was really worried. Bunty stopped at a market to get some bananas, which he shared around and it was at this point that we realised what most of Johns problem had been, he had been taking ibuprofen for his cold, antimalarials and cough mixture, but had barely eaten or drunk anything for two days, since our wonderful lunch in Delhi the other day in fact. So worried was he about getting a dose of Delhi belly for the overnight train ride that he'd decided not to eat anything to prevent it from happening. Once we realised, we knew he would be fine and he now promises me that he will make sure he eats something regardless of what we are going to be doing!! The good thing was that the journey to the lodge from the station was much shorter than I thought and only two hours long.

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