South Shore

Blowholes And Craters

Oahu's South Shore

Today we headed down to the south of the island where we drove past Honolulu on the highway, Honolulu was exactly what I expected, a mass of high rise hotels and apartments. This is what I had assumed large parts of Oahu to be like and originally this was just a way of breaking the flight across the pacific up, but the rest that I have seen so far is not built up like this at all and I had totally the wrong impression of this island.

So we drove along the bottom of the south coast and stopped at Halona blowhole, I realise that a lot of people aren't terribly impressed by blowholes as I heard a girl near me say “it's just a hole in a rock”, but I'm fascinated by them and could easily while away hours just watching the waves crash in and erupt through the 'hole in a rock'! So we spent quite a bit of time here being hypnotised by it and trying to capture it on video. It's the natural things in life that impress me the most – always - and I wasn't disappointed.

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