Ambling Around Oahu

North Shore Near Kaena Point

We had somewhat of a lazy morning yesterday and ventured out much later than we normally would. We drove west along the North Shore and out to the furthest tip possible, Kaena Point where we mooched around the lava shoreline just walking and sitting watching life go by. We then drove along and found a beach where we watched some kitesurfers and moved on to Haleiwa for a famous 'shaved ice'. I had read about this famous dessert before we came here and assumed it would be a bit like a slush puppy, how wrong I was! It is literally shaved ice, which means it has a snow like texture, it's then flavoured with various fruit flavours and served with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom. I later found out that the 'Rainbow' one is the traditional one, so I'll need to have another one now!! and I say traditional because this dessert actually dates back to around 1185!

Time Travellers And Turtles

Turtle On Oahu's North Shore 

Today we crossed the international date line, so we lived the same day twice!! After spending a full day in Fiji we boarded a plane in Nadi at 10:30pm, took a 6 hour flight and landed in Honolulu at 7am the same morning! We didn't really get any sleep on the plane, so it was a loooong day – a long but interesting one I might add.

We picked up the hire car at the airport and drove up to the north of the island, where we have hired an apartment for the next 9 nights. Once we'd left the airport area it wasn't long before I realised that Oahu (the Hawaiian island we are on) is nowhere near as over developed as I had imagined it would be. We didn't go into Honolulu, we'll probably take a look at that another day, but the drive across the island to the North Shore has me really excited about our stay here, wide open pineapple and sugar cane fields, trees and volcanic mountains with barely a dwelling in sight. The initial views of the North Shore proved the same, it's really undeveloped, one very small scale town and a handful of scattered small villages.

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