Viti Levu

Flying Fox In Fiji

Me Zipping Through The Rainforest

New Zealand was an absolute blast, the South Island in particular. North Island was good in it's own way with the intriguing thermal activity there, but South Island is just so beautiful and every corner you turn, there is something more to make your jaw drop, it's an amazing place and definitely needs a return visit, even if it's just to spend days gazing at the scenery!!

Fiji is a great place, we were only there for 3 full days, but what we saw of it we liked. When we arrived, we couldn't find a taxi driver who would go by the meter, they all tell you it is broken, the worst bit is that the army are currently in charge of Fiji and they are trying to stamp out the blatant overcharging, so you are going along in the taxi and you get stopped by the army at several points in the journey and the driver expects you to lie for him and tell them we are going by the meter, which he suddenly produces when approaching an army check point. The army guy knows you are lying and tells you not to pay them any more than the meter!! One of the drivers we had wanted to take us 'shopping' which we didn't want to do and when John made it clear to him (very politely) that we wanted to go straight to the hotel and not via any shops, he then point blank refused to talk to us any more!!

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