Back On The Trail

Durdle Door

Apologies for my absence from this blog over the last year, some of you will know that unfortunately I was ill pretty much most of last year, I still haven’t returned to full health, but I am slowly getting there. I do intend to go back at some point and create a couple of blogs with a few words and photos to fill in the gaps of some of the places I did manage to get to last year, but for now I am focussing on going forward and that starts with my upcoming trip.

Returning From Extended Travel

Fishing Village - Phu Quoc, Vietnam

So you are back – what now!

You don’t feel like you fit into the ‘world’ you’ve returned to. Where you once were reasonably or even madly happy and content, you now look around you and nothing seems as it once was.  Many of your friends and family no longer understand you and you feel as if you’re in a dream – an extremely surreal one! Welcome to the world of returning from an extended period of travel.  It’s easy for people who haven’t experienced your journey to wonder who this person (you) is – what have the aliens done with my, son/daughter, friend, sister/brother and who IS this person. 

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