I've Looked At Clouds From Both Sides Now

Niagara Falls


We picked a hire car up at Boston airport and headed straight out onto the highway. It was a fairly long drive to Niagara Falls, so we broke the journey half way and stayed in a motel overnight.

Niagara falls – a powerful force of a nature, a cascade of gushing water thundering to the depths below, a visual display to boggle your mind, a place I should love right? Wrong. Instead of beautiful and breathtaking, unfortunately the overriding memories for me will be tacky and over commercialised. In theory it SHOULD be a place I love, but in reality it's a giant theme park, I knew exactly what to expect, so it came as no surprise to me, but I felt a bit sorry for John because he just kept telling me that it wasn't what he expected and he was really disappointed.

It is of course another of those things that is all down to a persons perspective and judging by the thousands of happy tourists there, it is a place that many will adore, but I prefer to work for my waterfalls, to walk miles along a river into forests, to sit and take in my surroundings, often being the only people there. There is no denying that Niagara Falls themselves are, without doubt, the biggest and most powerful waterfalls I've ever seen and I feel I should be in awe of them, but with their background of high rise hotels, souvenir shops, fast food joints, theme parks and of course thousands and thousands of other tourists all jostling for a position against the rails to get their photograph taken, it's hard to imagine what these falls were once like and how awe struck the person to first discover them must have been.

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