Phnom Penh

John Gets Scammed

At The Palace in Phnom Penh

“Tuk tuk sir?” …... “Where you go sir?” …...... “You whan city centre sir?” were the shouts that punctuated the afternoon air as we walked out of the airport terminal yesterday, I breathed in the hot, humid air and just smiled. We were back in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and the city looked so much more inviting and beautiful this time round. Being in a fairly westernised country for the past few weeks made me appreciate it all the more, even though at heart I'm not a city gal.

After negotiating a price with a tuk tuk driver we were off weaving through the cars, bikes and tuk tuks that make up the roads of this city. I sat and laughed at some of the manoeuvres, which are of course legitimate moves here and felt incredibly excited that I'd made the decision to come back here, it was the right thing to do.

Beans On Toast Anyone?

Girl eating chicken embryo

John hadn't really adjusted to being in a new country yesterday, so a fairly lazy day was in order. We met Woz in the restaurant area and sat having a morning drink – or at least me and Woz did, John looked at the menu and had ordered beans on toast before we knew what was happening and looked decidedly pleased with himself when it came and he ate it. He said he didn't realise we hadn't ordered anything, but secretly I think he was pining for some good ole fashioned baked beans!!!

Once we'd finished our drinks and John had finished smacking his lips over his breakfast, we adjourned to a Chinese café on the next block, where Woz ordered an assortment of shareable items for breakfast which were really delicious and John topped up his earlier brekkie with a couple of bites. We stayed there for an hour or so just munching and having some interesting conversations,

Meeting Woz

In the market

I had such a mix of feelings leaving Thailand, on one hand I'd had a brilliant time – including the highlight for me of the elephant day, that still brings emotions to the surface every time I think about it; but on the other there was a whole new country and culture to experience waiting at the end of an hours flight. John I don't think would have ever left Thailand, he enjoyed it so much that if we could have spent the rest of our trip there, he would have.

My friend Woz was coming to the airport to meet us, so once we'd landed and sorted out a visa we exited the airport building to find him. It was great timing because as we walked out he pulled up on his bike. It was all a bit surreal in truth as whilst Woz had become a good friend, I'd never actually met him and it felt so weird after 3 or so years of communicating with someone to finally be meeting them. Welcome hugs and handshakes took place and then we went in search of a tuk tuk to take us to our guesthouse. Woz was going to drive in front on his motorbike.

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