Chul Muy!!

Whats On The Menu Today

Yesterday we caught the bus to Kep, got a tuk tuk and headed up to Jasmine Valley, it felt great to be back again and the familiarity of it was fantastic and most welcome. We had a lazy afternoon relaxing in the communal area with coffees, paddling in the pool and sipping lime juices. We stayed at Jasmine Valley for dinner and caught up with Woz while we ate dinner.

We had a long leisurely brekkie this morning, more waffles for me, yum!! Afterwards we wandered around Jasmine Valley with Woz, doing nothing in particular, just mooching about and talking really, but time flew by. John and I had decided before we left Malaysia that while we were down this way, we wanted to visit the island of Phu Quoc, which is over the border in Vietnam. We are going tomorrow, so we had to get some tickets sorted out today with Woz's friend Anna, and before we knew it, it was mid afternoon – so we hopped on a moto and drove down to Anna to sort out tickets.

Vietnamese Pancakes And Goodbyes

Kep Crab Market At Dusk 

It was a quiet relaxing morning yesterday having breakfast at a leisurely pace, as had been the case the whole time we've been here. Delicious fresh waffles are served for breakfast along with a choice of juicy fruits to go with them and this had become a bit of a habit for me, so tasty!! There were plenty of other things to order if wanted, but these tempted me every day! We sat around in the communal areas today just relaxing, drinking mango shakes, chatting, wandering round looking at the wildlife and John had some games of pool with Glenn, which they both seemed to enjoy.

Out On The Bikes Again

Crab Market

Woz had some things he needed to do this morning. Glenn and Pam have been here for a few months now and had found the perfect spot to sit and watch the action of the crab market in Kep. There is a restaurant which has a table overlooking the area where people bring in the crabs to sell at the crab market and the four of us sat there having a drink, watching life going on about us and putting the world to rights.

Life From A Moto

Man On A Moto

We decided to go out on the mopeds for the day today. John hadn't driven one before, so he needed to have a bit of a test run at and around Jasmine Valley on his own to see if he could get on with it before taking it out onto any roads with traffic on them. After doing this he said he was happy to ride it, but being new to it he didn't want to risk taking me as a passenger until he was really comfortable with it. We had already decided that we would be going out on the mopeds again tomorrow, so John suggested that I hop on Woz's bike with him until the last half an hour of the day, by which time he would be used to riding the bike and we could then have a trial with me as a passenger with him in preparation for tomorrow.

Meeting Woz In Kep


I wasn't too well again yesterday after the temples and today we were due down in Kep to go and stay with Woz for a few days. John said we should get a taxi down as then if I fell ill again we could stop at any point, whereas on the bus it would take longer and there would only be one stop. It was an expense that I really didn't want to pay out for, but I guess it made sense, so that is what we did.

We were told that we would swap drivers and cars in Phnom Penh and take a second car down to Kep. The first driver we had gave me great cause for concern, he was speedy Gonzales and I saw my own life flash before my eyes as much as Cambodian life spinning past the car!!! Fortunately once the red bull he had been drinking when we started wore off he calmed down a bit!!!!

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