Meeting Gerre And Rani

Sydney Opera House

Sydney is much as I expected it to be – a big city and incredibly expensive! I know many, many people who love Sydney and it's not that I dislike it, I'm just not a city person. It has also been incredibly hard for both of us to leave South East Asia and whilst before we left home John thought that 6 months was a long trip, he now realises that we could easily have spent 6 months in SEA alone. We spoke about abandoning our RTW ticket and spending the rest of our trip there, but for various reasons we didn't act upon it. Taking a step back into Western society was an unpleasant experience and already I miss so much about being in SEA. I remember that day we first landed in Thailand like it was yesterday, over three months have passed since then and it's just flown by. As I watched SEA disappear below a band of clouds through an aeroplane window I sat and cried. I feel like I left part of me there, so I will return.

Sleepless In Sydney


Our last day on the island we took it easy, we'd been making food in our apartment all week so we decided we would go out for breakfast today, more of a brunch really by the time we got going. After brekkie we ambled around a bit and drove up to see the Big Buddha, which is a 45 metre tall statue, that can be seen for miles around in the south of Phuket. We contemplated doing other bits and pieces, but lazyitus won over and we took the option of a relaxing afternoon.

Yesterday was a long day, it went much like this: Travel to Phuket airport, sit waiting for a plane for a couple of hours, fly for a few hours, get off a plane, collect luggage, mess about at customs. Sit and wait for another couple of hours before checking on to our flight to Sydney, wait another couple of hours, board another plane, sit on the runway for over an hour, take off, another 7.5 hours of flying clocked up – arrive Sydney.

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